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Copper - plated steel round wire has important properties in lightning protection equipment


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Copper plated steel round wire is a kind of stranded wire stirred together by copper wire and steel wire. Copper plated steel round wire is to use the skin effect of low voltage and high frequency signal to walk along the surface in the high frequency area, so as long as the copper layer thickness reaches a certain range, the signal of a certain frequency segment can be guaranteed to be transmitted. Copper plays the role of conduction of weak electric signal, steel wire plays the role of support, the application of copper plated steel round line is very wide, copper plated steel round line can be applied to the southern acid rain area, the north and northwest wind less sulfur dioxide heavy area. 


Its anticorrosive life can be synchronized with copper stranded wire. Copper plated steel round wire strong rope, the use of electrified contact net, no matter as the main rope and auxiliary rope, have strong vitality, are copper contact surface, simplify the overhead contact net structure, reduce unnecessary supporting gold tools. It has strong anti-corrosion performance. At the same time, it has strong electrical conductivity. 

Qingdao Leikeshi Electric Power Technology Co., LTD. Research and production of copper plated steel round line in the use of lightning protection equipment occupies an important performance and role, resistance reduction agent hot dip steel plating plus anticorrosive nano conductive coating method, corrosion resistance is significantly better than pure hot dip galvanized steel grounding material. 

Hot melt flux welding method is the use of high temperature reaction between compounds, the molten metal through the investment to reach the welding site and form a certain shape, size in line with the process requirements of the joint. 

Considering that it is impossible for direct lightning to enter the low-voltage system directly through the line, and the lightning current directly hitting the building has greatly attenuated when it reaches the neutral point of the transformer, the crossing point of LPZ0B and LPZ1 is not the power input line switch. 

Copper plated steel round wire but the grounding copper bar, flat for the grounding bus in the cable trench and indoor, according to the length of the manufacturing segment rust brush paint; The grounding bus used for the branch or corner of the cable trench should be painted after simmering. Corrosion of copper plated steel round wire device is one of the main causes of accidents. The main reason of many expanded accidents of grounding device inside and outside the power grid is the serious lack of heat capacity of grounding device. 

Some ion grounding rod due to corrosion, some due to design, construction caused by improper; The fault of grounding device lasts for a long time, and the exothermic welding maintenance can not be removed quickly, which provides time conditions for the accident.