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ES series ordinary graphite lightning protection grounding module embedding method


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1, Low resistance lightning protection grounding module Non-metallic graphite lightning protection grounding module can be buried vertically or horizontally, buried depth should not be less than 0.6 meters, generally 0.8-1.0 meters.   

2. When several modules are embedded in parallel, the spacing between modules should not be less than 4.0 meters. If the conditions are not allowed, it can be appropriately reduced. At the same time, the value of the module utilization coefficient when the module consumption is calculated should be reduced.   

3, Low resistance ES series ordinary graphite lightning protection grounding module of the pole core in parallel with each other or connected with the ground wire, must be welded. Welding with the same metal material is required to ensure the reliability of the connection. The welding length shall not be less than 100mm. No welding or leakage is allowed.   

4. Welding slag should be removed at the welding place and coated with a layer of asphalt or anti-corrosion paint to prevent core corrosion.   

5. Fine soil should be used as filler for pit backfilling, and construction waste such as broken bricks should not be used as backfilling. Backfill should be layered operation, fill 30 cm material, appropriate amount of water and tamp. Fill again, add water and tamp until it is flush with the surface. When tamping, attention should be paid to not only make the module and backfill soil, backfill soil and the stratum close contact, but also do not damage the module itself. Water again after backfilling. 

6, 72 hours after hygroscopic, use the resistance meter to measure the power frequency grounding resistance. If the expected goal is not achieved, the reasons should be analyzed and remedial measures should be taken.